** SOLD ** Cruzbike Vendetta V20 2018 Frameset with extras for sale (UK only)

** SOLD **

After nearly a year trialling MBB on the Vendetta, I have decided it is not for me. So here is my frameset for sale, all packed up and looking for a new home. You know you want to buy it. It is the sexiest bike out there!


£2000, posted fully insured to any address in the UK
£1900 picked up from my house in the Borders

Cost to purchase this package new from Cruzbike taking account of the exchange rate,  import duty, courier charges etc is currently in the region of £3250 so you can get a big saving here. I’m taking a big hit on the price I paid, so you don’t have to!

What You Get

The following is included in the sale:

Standard Cruzbike frameset parts

  • Original box – see above photo. This is the bike packed and ready to ship to you. I have used masses of bubble wrap to make sure it gets there in one piece. It will also be posted insured.
  • Frame
  • Medium sized chainstay (19.5″)
  • Front fork
  • 2 piece boom assembly
  • Carbon fibre seat
  • Cruzbike handlebars
  • Original seat pad (unused)
  • Original head rest frame (unused)
  • Head rest pads and cover
  • 2 Cruzbike bottle cages (unused)
  • Wheel hub QR skewers
  • 2 Derailleur hangers (one used, one unused)
  • Touch up paint bottle (unused)
  • All fittings, spacers, bolts etc. Some have been left on the bike – e.g. the headset assembly I have left in the frame


  • Ventisit seat pad – I didn’t even take the original out of its wrapping. Ventisit is the way to go
  • Performance Adjustable Headrest – much better for dialling in a good fit, you can pretty much get the head rest at whatever angle and height you want using this. Again, I didn’t even take the original head rest assembly out of its wrapping


I want to make it clear that I am not the kind of person to buy an expensive bike, and then keep it locked in the garage wrapped in cotton wool, or only ride it when the conditions are perfect. I have ridden the bike about 700  miles, through the best and worst of Scottish weather including some time in the winter when conditions allowed. I have cleaned the bike down and lubed everything after every ride that was not in bone dry conditions. I ride hard and relatively fast and the road conditions are variable. So this bike has not been ridden on flat perfectly smooth tarmac in blazing sunshine every time it has been taken out. There is some wear and tear as you would expect. The main points of this are detailed below, but if I’ve missed a little scrape or mark here or there, I won’t accept a return based on minor cosmetic damage. I just want to make that clear. Expect a frameset that is functioning perfectly but has a few scars.

Main Frame

The main frame is in almost pristine condition, apart from some paint flaking around the area where the head rest tubes enter the frame. It looks like a stress point and needs touched up. The Perez clamps need to be tight otherwise the head rest slips, but it also appears to put stress on the frame’s paint. When you have the bike put together and everything on, you don’t see these points which is why I never noticed them until I dismantled the bike. Could do with a little TLC to fix.

The rear brake cable has rubbed away some of the white decal:


The chainstay appears to be the part of the bike that takes the most punishment. There are a number of small paint chips each around 1 mm in size. I do not know how they got there as they are mostly on the right hand side – perhaps chain derailment when I had issues getting my front mech dialled in.

The BB clamp area has two paint rubbing type marks where the 2 parts of the clamp mate together, and one mark where the area has been hit and paintwork has been dented. You should be aware that the front end of the bike, when assembled with wheels, chainrings etc, has a tendency to swing around like a wrecking ball if you don’t hold it by the boom when moving it. You learn the hard way pretty quick.

Boom Slider

The inner boom slider gets pinch marks from tightening down the boom. You need to tighten it down hard otherwise it creaks and slips. These marks are hidden inside the outer boom slider part.

Paint loss in bolted areas

Some paint is lost in the usual areas – here the braze on front mech mount surface and around the wheel QR lug nut areas. Note all the white stuff in the second picture is grease.


I had 2 falls on the bike. One was a very low speed tip to the right, the other was a higher speed wash out when my front tyre blew out. When you fall on this bike, the pedal, bar end, thigh and wheel QR skewers take the impact. Let me be clear that there is no damage to the main frame or carbon seat in this regard – they are not touched during a fall. My thigh got the worst of it but the bar end and QR skewers also take some damage.

I forgot to take a picture of the QR skewer before I packed up the box, but the rear one has some scraping on the lever. It still works absolutely fine but looks a bit scuffed up.

Overall Comments

I have tried to be as open as I can about the condition of the bike, and what I have done with it. It has a few marks as you can see from the photos. Most of them are easily sorted with the included touch up paint. The only one I would want to get seen to is the paint flakes around the join between the frame and the head rest posts. I honestly didn’t know that was there until I took the bike apart to sell or I would have sorted it myself already.There may be a few other cosmetic scrapes etc that I have either not noticed or not felt significant enough to photograph here. Please expect the bike to be in ‘pre owned and loved and ridden the way it was meant to be – hard and fast’ condition, not factory condition.

I have written about my experience riding the Vendetta on this site – take a look around to read what I thought. I did eventually find the pedal steer not to my taste and prefer the ability to let go of all arm input when I want to. For reference, I am now riding an M5 CHR as it more closely fits my preferred riding style. It is completely different from the Vendetta and it makes no sense to compare them, but in terms of pure point to point speed I think they are both pretty much the same. Both are ridiculously fast! The Vendetta, like the CHR, is designed to be ridden at high speed and has a personality to match. The M5 is similar, so you pick your horse and learn to get on with it.

If you have any questions at all about the bike, I am happy to answer them, but bear in mind I have now packed and boxed the bike ready for posting so I can’t take it all out to re-examine any parts.

The Cruzbike forum is an excellent place to ask any questions too – the people there are fine folks and always willing to help out newcomers. They made me feel very welcome when I started this adventure last year.