Cruzbike V20

This frameset has now been sold.

I bought this frameset in the autumn of 2017, and built the bike up with the best spec components I could afford. It was basically Sram Force 22 groupset with custom wheels from Strada.

I gave the bike 9 months but in the end I just couldn’t acclimatise to a level where I was comfortable riding at very high speed, and I also couldn’t get the bike up steep 17-20% gradients when the road was wet due to front wheel slip, so I sold it on. My experience of the climbing ability of the Cruzbike has been that it is true up to a point, but on very steep hills the bike becomes very hard to keep moving. When it’s raining, forget it. You just can’t keep traction on the front wheel. Cruzbike should make this clear on their site. I wasted a lot of money finding this out. I’ve had the Fuego and M5 up 20% gradients in the rain with no traction issues at all.

The V20 is, other than this major failing, very fast, very aggressive and for the right rider a dream bike. It looks absolutely beautiful too, a real stunner of a bike. I hope the new owner gets on better with it than I did!