Time, Ladies and Gentlemen

This will be my last post on the blog.

Readers will have noticed that posts are becoming less and less frequent – this is partly down to changing life circumstances, and partly because I no longer have the desire to run a blog 🙂 It takes quite a lot of time to maintain and I was finding it more difficult to make that time available.

It’s been a good fun few years and I hope people have found some of the content interesting or useful in some way.

I still ride my bikes as much as I always have, but am shedding related technology and all the gubbins that goes with it. My old luddite tendencies have got the upper hand again. Riding naked so to speak. Strava has gone, Garmins are not far behind. TrainingPeaks: stick a fork in it. You can still see me around on BROL or the CityCyclingEdinburgh forum where I am still relatively active. My handle is nobrakes on both.

All in all, I am enjoying riding my bikes more, and not enjoying writing about bikes so much. That’s all good. My long term goal is to start riding audax and get quality time on the road by myself. Also to do more meditation and have less distractions, one of which is cycling related technology including this blog.

If you see some lanky bloke on a funny bike in the Borders on your travels, give me a shout 🙂

I’ll leave the blog up for others for the forseeable future. I think there’s some good info on it.

See you on the road!

5 thoughts on “Time, Ladies and Gentlemen

  1. The blog will stay as a resource though? So many useful things on here and I for one are grateful to you sharing your insights into what you have found. I know customers look in a lot.

    When the world changed I had just taken delivery of the MetaBike which I cycled over for you to review. Got train back that day and within a week hardly anyone was traveling anywhere.
    2020 did give us the chance to ride quiet main roads – such as the A7. Was great to see your Cruzbike challenge results there (done on M5 of course!). Strava of course was a benefit as we all wanted to re-assure ourselves that the cycling world was alive and well – although many (like you) did get hit by CV in first wave. In the city the energy for cycling has been put into Spaces for People and the new routes marked out. That’s been important for us as we have younger cargo bike buyers staying car free and we think with COP26 we should be at a tipping point to reduce cars in use in the city. On the Lanark Road bike lane demo I even met a young reclined cyclist that wasn’t a customer of ours – 2 wheeler as well.

    So with me on a Fuego we had recliners at 2 out of 200. 1%
    Electric bikes maybe 15 = 7.5%
    Cargo bikes at 4 = 2%
    Not scientific, just an estimate from what I could see. Was a critical mass in a huge line inside a bike lane. Most drivers liked it as we didn’t hold them up (!). But some drivers don’t like it as they have to walk further to their car!

    Over a year later we’ve seen driver confidence return massively. Traffic rates in Scotland are the highest ever – just came down the A9 other day in huge convoy. Cycling stays popular but e-bikes are now being marketed to a new audience. As of yet the only electric recumbents are trikes – Bacchetta does have something planned though with parts shortages i don’t think it’s ready yet.

    In meantime we can all enjoy re-formatted human power – so much easier really once you get used to it. Best wishes – hope to see you out on the road once summer gets going again. Been a while since I’ve been over your side of the hill.


  2. Aye. From a non-speed, greater comfort, recumbent rider (I really believe in laid-back…), good luck!

    I too have made numerous videos of my kind of cycling: light in sports but steeped in transport, relaxation, enjoyment (and health and well-being).

    But, I do get pretty fed-up with social media and all other online stuff, increasingly frequently.

    So, yes, do it.

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  3. Thanks for all your comments. It’s been fun endlessly deconstructing my bikes and trying out various things, and getting input from all of you guys as well. I hope you enjoyed the blog.


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