Ride Video – Innerleithen Loop on the CHR

First ride of the year in shorts. The CHR is now sporting Salsa Woodchippers – plenty space to hang cameras off the side! Got stopped by horses coming into Clovenfords, they tend to get freaked out by recumbents so you have to go real easy. I then dropped a bottle off the back of the bike trying to slide it back into one of the cages behind my head. Nice to get out though. I’ve got a little furry doodah on the mic hole of the Drift Stealth camera now which makes a massive difference.

7 thoughts on “Ride Video – Innerleithen Loop on the CHR

  1. Good camera. Saw a vintage Morgan? 3 wheeled car. Got to your horse encounter – always tricky but went ok. Postie van and cars had gone by in other direction. Rush hour near Gala! Hoping to make it over soon. Been called for jury service this week. CV-19 means jurors are out of town at a cinema with video link.

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  2. Poetry in motion!
    We are blessed with some great routes out our way , even if the surfaces are crap
    Yes horses very spooked by our bikes-must appear as stealthy crouching black panthers sneaking up on them , hungry for horse flesh
    I try to speak so I am identified as a human!
    Notice I get about the same speeds downhill as you but you are faster uphill (as you should be , being about 30 years younger!)and you spin faster ,I don’t measure my cadence often but I aim for about 78 rpm as imy favourite records play at that speed . No logic in that at all of course!
    Re increased rural traffic- Gladhouse reservoir now like Brighton beach on a summer bank holiday!

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