Ride Video – Cruzbike Time Trial Week 7

Going full gas on my increasingly optimised M5 CHR – this week with a gunner bar setup and Tektro reverse TT brakes! Week 7 of a 21 week fun challenge organised by Larry Oslund over on the Cruzbike Forum (see https://forum.cruzbike.com/threads/cruzbike-time-trial-challenge-2020.13343/)

I’m thinking a rear wheel cover is now required….

5 thoughts on “Ride Video – Cruzbike Time Trial Week 7

  1. Nice. The A7 is such a better place without traffic!

    I’ve never been clear on what ‘drives’ racing cyclists/road cyclists to push so hard… (I used to push quite hard myself)

    I hope you manage a smile/nod/wave as you pass others… so many roadies (even those who are friends of mine) can hardly lift their heads as they pass (grim roadies!).

    My cycling is largely leisurely these days – touring speed (average 12mph) is about right.

    Just got some new drive bits on my Radius Dino LWB. After over 20 years wear on the old stuff, I was thinking to treat the bike and myself. Goes quite nicely.


    Sandy Watson sandy@sandy-watson.com 01890 830355 07943 574885

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    • I’ve always liked going fast on bikes – I also get a lot of enjoyment out of training and riding hard. However I do also like going slow and enjoying the scenery, I do a fair bit of that too.

      Most cyclists get a wave even at full gas.

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      • Indeed.
        I used to cycle quite hard too (30+ mile commute daily and occasional 100 mile rides and off-road stuff at weekends – it was very good for me). But never racing and very rarely timed.
        Almost always enjoying myself and feeling good.


  2. A7 looks so nice – much improved with less traffic. Saw a couple of cyclists going other way – one at least waved. Good U turn – close to the edge! Rail bridge at Heriot would be a beacon as you headed north – not that you were going to take it easy at any point but noce to get to half way and back round I’m sure.

    Surprised the incline wasn’t more than 1% most of the time – maybe averages out. Went to 2% once I think. Looking at your power – that is really impressive as up over 300w in places. The M5 (you!) motoring at 25mph on uphills so the CdA is, as you say, pretty slick.

    Camera on derailleur post (?) avoided getting too much foot flicker and was very steady – looked great. Mrs LB saw the U turn and your descent to Stow. Thought you should use the brakes more on these corners 🙂 (!)

    Great effort and hopefully traffic will stay lower for a while yet.


    • You need to tell Mrs LB that my internet handle is nobrakes……

      The camera is attached to the Nazca light mount using a mount that came with the camera. Getting the feet all the way out is tough. I’m thinking about trying a mount on the ice flag pole at the back somewhere.

      Average power was 274W – my best so far is 284W for that route. I’m currently at just under 72 KG, If I could get to 288W then I hit the magic 4 W/KG for the first time ever… so near and yet so far!!

      The guy who waved is a friend from the village. He’s a monster cyclist. On a road bike he destroys me. If he rode an M5 he would be a force to be reckoned with!


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