How accurate is the ramp test?

Recently I did an FTP test based on the Ramp Test protocol, where you start at a low wattage and then increase by 20W every minute until you blow up. You then take your peak 1 minute power and use 75% of that number as your FTP.

What does WKO4 think my FTP is?

Notice the post Christmas period lack of CTL and negative training ramp rate 😦

In the snip above, mFTP is WKO4’s predicted FTP based on my last 90 days’ training and sFTP is my most recent Ramp Test result. Pretty darn close! In actual fact, I think this test is more accurate for me than the 20 minute test, which is significantly more psychologically painful for no other reason than to get a number to train off. It’s easier to game the 20 minute test too, and not everybody gets realistic numbers. The simplicity (and relative lack of suffering – only about 3-4 minutes’ worth) of the Ramp Test cuts through a lot of that, and it’s very difficult to game a 1 minute power peak.

Me like!

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