A sensitive issue

I’m just back from a quick jaunt down south and back, involving 14 hours’ driving and a rather sore bahookie, which leads me nicely into today’s blog post. An article in today’s Guardian very clearly shows the danger athletes, particularly female ones, face to their health when riding and training on traditional bikes at the elite level. Clearly this is a bigger problem for women than men, something that is a direct result of the fact that bike equipment ‘is designed for men’.

I imagine some alien species visiting earth and seeing modern racing bicycles being ridden, and the befuddlement on their faces as they try to figure out why they were designed that way when there’s such an obvious contradiction with the goal of ongoing physical well-being of both male and female riders. It may be much worse for women (and this story shows just how bad it can be, and how much athletes must put up with in order to compete), but it’s hardly the pinnacle of ergonomics for men either.

If only there was some solution….. some kind of bike that didn’t cause these problems. Maybe one in which you don’t actually have to put any pressure on any sensitive part of your body. Maybe the professional sporting world could embrace these yet-to-be-invented, ergonomic bike designs and allow athletes the basic right to train and race in comfort and without risk to health.

Anybody got any ideas? 🙂

One thought on “A sensitive issue

  1. Was discussed on City Cycling bike forum. Didn’t get too far – it is crazy as once you have ridden reclined then you really wouldn’t go back to long days upright. I can understand sprint type cycling on an upright where your weight is distributed between feet, bum and hands. The recumbent format though wins on day in, day out rides for overall comfort and open breathing. Also being heads up means you see more.


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