Enjoying some quality triking weather

I had a day’s holiday from work today and the weather was smiling on me for once – one of those rare Scottish winter days with clear blue skies, crisp air and really cold. So of course the only thing to do is go out for a ride!

I’m pretty much riding the trike exclusively now as the winter sets in – and I needed it today. The temperature was a few degrees below zero and the road from Stow to Innerleithen was covered in large stretches of ice. There were some comedy moments – trying to ascend Windydoors, I attacked a large ice patch covering the road only to end up sliding backwards down the hill again. I probably should have put the spiky tyres on.

Coming down hills was a challenge too – you need to aim for dry bits of road, jam on the brakes while you can, and then ease off them again to roll over the sheets of ice without turning or braking at all. Interesting and slow progress. All the way round, the crackle of frost under the tyres was a constant reminder to take it easy and not do anything too dumb.

I was out the other day in the pouring rain and apparently my rear derailleur cable had taken in some water. Half way to Innerleithen my gears froze up leaving me with just the front chainrings to use. I did briefly get them back for a few minutes before they froze up again, this time staying that way until nearly Heriot when the temperature started to rise by a few degrees.

Despite the challenging conditions, it was a perfect day for riding and a rare appearance of the sun was not to be missed. Great fun!

9 thoughts on “Enjoying some quality triking weather

  1. Great story David! Love the traction technique and the freezing gearbox bit!
    I thought Kent yesterday at +4 was nippy enough but you’re part of the world – now that’s chill!
    Cheers Oliver Kent


    • I’ve got three brand new studded tyres for the trike that I bought last year. Should have put them on today. Ghiz is keen to get out on the tandem but it would be madness in the current conditions. I’m loving the trike more and more the longer I spend on it. As long as you don’t mind being slow it’s just such a nice way to travel.


  2. I used to suffer from frozen cables on my trike. I fitted Blackburn cable oilers to each gear cable and filled the sheath with viscous wet lube from a spray can. This displaced any water and kept fresh ingress out. I think I re oiled once every 2-3 weeks and was riding daily. I’ll hunt down a link


  3. Great report, and great photos as well – I’ve also been cycling through the cold snap we had in Scotland, but it was dark, so have no photos.

    One option if you want better traction without putting the studs on.

    I recently tried a set of Marathon GT 365 tires on my Alleweder – they are slow, but managed on cold, untreated roads (down to about -4 Celsius one day). If there is going to be a lot of ice, the Marathon Winters might be better, but they are such a pain to fit that I’ve just left the GT 365s on for now.

    Your mileage may vary. Thanks for the blog,


    • I’ll check those out Phil, thanks. Part of the problem we have here is that putting on studs for the occasional ice stretch seems overkill, so something a bit like 4 seasons car tyres is what’s needed.


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