Schlitter Freestyle

In case you missed it, there is a new twin 700C high racer out in the wild. Built by the ultracycling veteran John Schlitter and the same folks who gave us the Encore AND helped design the Pelso Brevet….. the Schlitter Freestyle is an aluminium high racer that looks incredibly adjustable for all sizes of rider and preferences. I like the look of it!

Here’s some useful links to read:

Schlitter Freestyle thread on BROL
Schlitter Facebook page
Schlitter Freestyle review

So the question is, when is Laid Back Bikes getting one in so we can have a play? 🙂

One thought on “Schlitter Freestyle

  1. I did wonder about that. Depends whether the price would be right really. It’s a Performer product but offers a very different approach to their own brand 700HR.
    I could ask the Schlitters – was actually thinking about it but wondered if it would just confuse the Pelso Brevet market (such as it is).


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