Ride Video – Wet and Misty on the M5 CHR

Summer in Scotland. What can I say! A 65 mile loop round the Borders, taking in the Ettrick Valley and 4 decent climbs. The camera died half way round as I was starting the ascent from Tushielaw. Weather wasn’t great but it was nevertheless a lovely morning ride. I need to get a better camera.

2 thoughts on “Ride Video – Wet and Misty on the M5 CHR

  1. Some flying descents there. Bold stuff with the prospect of flooded roads. Traffic very quiet – early in the day? Not a cyclist in sight. Watching as I type up so one might appear yet! Looking at how you carve round corners you seem to be having fun despite the weather.
    Was going to say it sounded like Jean Luc Ponty on jazzy violin! Be nice to have a wee map of the circuit as although I recognised much of it other bits are beyond my usual operational range from here!
    Mind you – have got my M5 seat repaired so need to get out.


    • It was an early morning cycle, yes – hardly any traffic at all. The route was Stow – Clovenfords – Selkirk – Ettrickbridge – Tushielaw (camera died here) – Gordon Arms – Innerleithen – Granites and back to Stow. About 65 miles round trip. It’s a great loop.

      I have to try harder to find some eclectic music that you don’t recognise!


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