Musings on pedal extenders

Yesterday I took a spin on the trike round the Innerleithen Loop. Weather was not too bad, a little bit of drizzle but otherwise warm and nice to be out after Saturday’s pouring rain. In my recent review of the Sprint I talked about the speed I am able to achieve round this loop which generally tops out around 15.5 mph due to the hilly nature of the loop, and that was set on Kojak tyres. Yesterday I managed 16.4 mph, on Trykers / Marathon Racer rear and with the side pods hanging down the sides of the seat as well.

I was somewhat surprised by this – I don’t think I am any stronger than before, and I wasn’t pushing 100% all the way round (I did get more aggressive in the second half and pushed hard out of Innerleithen up the 7 mile climb to the granites). The only thing that’s changed is that I had a set of SPD pedals on without my usual pedal extenders, just because I couldn’t be bothered to swap them around off the Fuego (I’m one pair of extenders short for all my bikes). I had a suspicion that the extenders are probably a bit less aero. Maybe with the flexy boom you lose more energy the further out your pedals are from the boom as well?

Needs more investigation……

If I can realistically add 1 mph to my speed on the M5 though, I guess I just need to learn how to ride Talla with my inset heels dangerously close to the front wheel. Because trying to keep the bike straight at full gas on that hill isn’t hard enough already 🙂

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