Ride Video: Sunday Morning Ride on the M5 CHR

Got the M5 out this morning for a quick blast round the Heriot loop. It was quite gusty and it rained a bit in the second half, but overall it was great to get out on the speed machine again after a winter on the trike. I had the new lowered seat position and the Nazca folding tiller back on which both worked fantastic. Any doubts as to the benefit of the folding tiller were removed – it makes all the difference. All I have left to do now is put latex tubes in the tyres and it’s set for the year.

8 thoughts on “Ride Video: Sunday Morning Ride on the M5 CHR

  1. Having just been out on my M5 this brings it all back!
    Your av speeds a little higher though than me.
    Good route up A7 and then on the back roads via Fountainhall. Was one bit where you pluued over to let van by – that’s one thing I enjoy doing as mirrors make it easy to judge.

    Some high speeds on the back road – what was your av speed for whole loop?

    Was very windy on Lang Whang today. The 22 miles to Carnwath felt like 30+

    Andy on his Cannondale hated side gusts – as did I. M5 can cut through air very nicley but blustery wind shear is something you have to watch.

    Did a wee post on Facebook.


    • Yes it was blustery for me too, although it got worse later once I was safe home.

      Average speed was 18.9 mph for the ride. Saw your Facebook post – looks like a good day!


    • The other thing that was really noticeable being back on the M5 – there are some rollers that you end up pedalling up the other side in first or second gear on the trike. On the M5, I was still in the big ring doing 15+ mph. The superior aero advantage and super stiff power transfer really makes itself apparent when you ride in terrain like that.


    • Yes. In a sportive pushing hard I’d average about 150-153 BPM. Threshold is about 165 for me. All day pace about 135. Highest I’ve ever gone on a recumbent is 182 BPM – the more I trained the higher the heart rate I could sustain.


    • Hi John,

      it depends on what you’re looking for – if comfort and ease of use is most important, I would go for a trike like the ICE Sprint. However this is considerably slower than a 2 wheeler. So if you’re looking for a two wheeler and a bit more efficiency, there’s quite a lot of good options. Top of my list to try would be a Nazca Gaucho which is a relatively speedy bike with fantastic comfort. If you preferred something lower a Nazca Fuego would be my first choice, although the small front wheel is a little less comfortable when the road gets rough.

      I’ve never tried one but the Metabike gets good reviews as an all rounder. Also the Pelso Brevet which is new on the market – much lighter and very comfy. Expensive too though, but it can’t take a rack, so you’d need to use banana bags with that one.

      People do tour with the M5 but I would never do that – it’s just too extreme and a bit of a handful to consider wavering around on steep hills fully laden with luggage.

      Hopefully David from Laid Back Bikes will chime in as the authoritative source of knowledge on these matters!


  2. Hi John (aspiring rider) – thanks for your interest!

    The other factor you always have to consider is rider height and x-seam. As RCUK says, the Gaucho Tour is a great bike from point if view of comfort and the fact it can be built for you in 24 / 26 or 28(700c) versions. Also has pannier rack included so can take existing pannier set.
    However if you are less tall then the Fuego is a good start too. It’s slightly lighter and also easier to carry. Also has sportier feel as height is more aligned with trikes (although still higher up).
    The ‘median’ model which I quite like is the aluminium Performer 700 – that is more midracer height and gives you twin 700c wheels but you would have to use Banana bags so maybe a light tourer. Nazca models are more expedition friendly though – robust steel frame and decent wheelset. More comfortable than many models too as RCUK says. Not really much else out there with two large wheels.
    For trikes you have ICE with the 26X Tour version giving you a folding all rounder. Azub and HPV offer equivalents and we have the Azub T-Tris in shop to compare.


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