Reacquainting with an old friend

This week I had the mighty Fuego in for some TLC at the Bicycle Works after a winter sitting neglected and collecting dust in the garage. The trike has been the number one ride over the past few months, but now it feels like time to get back onto two wheels. The gears were skipping all over the place and I suspected a bent hanger (the Fuego hanger is part of the steel frame). Turns out that the hanger was indeed bent and a part was missing which I must have somehow lost when putting the new derailleur on last year. Amateur! Anyway, straightened out hanger, new part, gears adjusted and test ridden, all for under a tenner. That’s the kind of service that gets repeat customers! Amazing.

It was great to be back on the Fuego. I always forget what a great ride it is when you have the choice of 3 wheels or blazingly fast on the M5, but the Fuego is just fabulous to ride. With the open cockpit bars you can get close to upright bike handling speeds at junctions and tight bends as you can sit up to peer round corners. Balance is easy even at 2 mph when you’re sitting up. On the M5 I still struggle at junctions and it’s much harder to see if anything is coming, so you end up stopping, putting a foot down (which can be precarious in itself if you’re lying at 18 degrees) and then try to get going again. I’m not always that good at that if there’s a right angled turn to be made at the same time. I have captured some comedy footage of junction fails that the kids get a good chuckle at. The Fuego laughs in the face of such clumsy maneuverability as it nips round bends with barely a pause to slow down. It inspires grins whatever the conditions.

Including a few stops to take gloves and jacket on/off, traffic lights etc I averaged 17 mph door to door (30 miles) which isn’t too shabby, if assisted somewhat by the general downhill trend. The home ride is always slower! It was so foggy on the A7 that I was struggling to see where I was going which was a little bit scary.  Cars going 3 times as fast as me approaching from behind – can they see me? Apparently the rear light I have is good enough even for fog as I wasn’t run over 🙂

Riding the Fuego after these few months felt like reacquainting with an old friend – one that you don’t always spend as much time as you should with, but nevertheless are very comfortable around. It’s always a case of settling back into the very comfortable seat and enjoying each other’s company. I look forward to the longer 40 mile ride home tonight via Carrington and the Granites!


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