Start as you mean to go on!

Happy new year folks, hope you all had a good one. We had a very quiet one in the house which is just the way I like it!

When I woke up this morning the sky was completely clear, and although the sun wasn’t yet up I could see it was going to be a cracking day. Very cold (2 pairs of thick gloves) but superb cycling weather. So I got in the first ride of 2019 – 60 miles on the trike. Fantastic!

Look at that sky – a very rare sight in January for the Scottish Borders. Frost on the ground and crisp, clean winter air. I love it.


New Year’s Day Trike Ride – Top of Paddy Slacks


5 thoughts on “Start as you mean to go on!

  1. wonderful!
    obviously no excessive consumption chez vous the previous night!
    Do you have a studded winter tyre at the back?
    Have you ever tried a front fairing on the trike?
    I find it great in the winter for keeping the chill off the feet and lower body
    Some weight penalty (about 2 Kg) but not much in relation to the weight of most trikes, and some speed gain over 20 mph
    Works well on my old Windcheetah as the very narrow front wheel spacing keeps the wheels just about within the fairing

    Feliz año nuevo!

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  2. And a happy new year to you too John 🙂

    I have been alcohol free for 10 years now so was up bright and early with a clear head!

    I have studded tyres but haven’t put them on yet – not enough ice on the roads to make it worthwhile.

    I have been thinking about a fairing, but they are just stupid expensive. 700 dollars for a bit of plastic and some mounting hardware – not likely! I can ride down to about -2, -3 with what I have and be fairly comfortable. Santa, at my request, brought me a pair of German Army surplus heavy duty mitts with fleece lining. They were cheap and are really warm. Just the feet to sort out now…..

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