Ride Video – Innerleithen loop on the Cruzbike V20

My first time with the camera on board the Cruzbike. Still a bit wobbly on the MBB platform which will be apparent from the video. The roads are once again filthy and full of potholes after the winter, so some sections required care particularly when you’re lying at a 20 degree angle and depth perception gets more difficult on the road ahead.

A good ride for me – 19.1 mph average over 39 miles and 2200 feet of ascent. Would have been faster if not for all the potholes, mountain bike championships and gravel on the roads!

6 thoughts on “Ride Video – Innerleithen loop on the Cruzbike V20

  1. Meant to ask earlier – how did you get a Cruzbike frame? There doesn’t seem to be any UK dealers. I quit fancy a S40 myself…


  2. I did think of becoming one but still to ride the V20! I have sold front wheel drives before but my knowledge of this model is mainly gleaned from users like Dave here.
    Fast ride despite the road conditions!

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    • I do think you should become a dealer if you can – I haven’t reviewed this bike yet but it is killer. I think it takes a while to learn the nuances, but there’s no denying the speed of it.

      If you were a dealer then my life would get easier when FedEx lose my frameset before it’s even left the US 🙂


    • The fastest I did this loop on the Fuego was 18.6 mph. However I am completely comfortable riding that bike at breakneck speed down the hills which I’m not on the V yet. I suspect the real difference in speed between the two will be around 2-3 mph when I can ride both to the same level of confidence. The Fuego is very fast on descents!


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