Ride Video – Big loop on the ICE Sprint

Today I was planning on doing a long day on the Cruzbike but unfortunately it snowed overnight again and the roads were a bit dodgy. So I took the trike instead – 60 miles and 4500 feet of ascent round the Borders’ finest countryside. Got a couple of nice descents in which are just amazing fun on the trike.

Despite pushing quite hard I averaged just 13 mph over the day. I think you lose a lot of speed through rolling resistance on rough roads with the small front wheels, and it’s just not as easy to put power through the system on the mesh seat. It’s also a fair bit more upright than my 2 wheelers (and a lot heavier than the Cruzbike), and I’m running Kojaks which are a bit slower anyway. Finally I was carrying a lot of food and 4L of water which was overkill and a lot of extra weight, but I prefer to be prepared!

For a similar effort on this loop I reckon I would get around 16 mph on the Fuego and 18 mph on the Cruzbike. This goes to show the difference between the three bikes. The Fuego weighs about the same as the ICE but is much more laid back and one less wheel to vibrate over road imperfections makes quite a difference. The Cruzbike is in a different class altogether and is much lighter.

What you don’t get on the 2 wheelers though is the ability to lean over and fish around in your bags for food while coming down a hill at 30 mph, or the ability to pootle up the other side at 4 mph cycling no hands, just because you can. It’s also amazing being able to plough through mud, puddles and gravel without the slightest worry about coming off.

Fantastic bike – I feel I was pushing to the limit in terms of how much effort I can expend in one go on it today. I could go a bit slower and push out the distance a bit, but that felt like around a 75-80 mile hard ride on the Cruzbike. Absolutely knackered when I got home. It’s not a bike designed for going fast for long distances, but it sure is enjoyable to ride.

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