ICE Sprint Shakedown Ride

I took the trike for a shakedown ride today – 20 miles over some very hilly back roads. I bought this trike for 3 reasons – to do easy recovery day rides, pure enjoyment ‘enjoy the scenery’ cycling, and to cycle when the roads are completely treacherous for 2 wheel bikes. I got a chance to do all three today! -2 degrees Celsius, the unsalted back roads covered in large patches of ice and a beautiful winter’s day with hardly a cloud in the sky.

The trike handles very well although I have nothing to compare it to as it’s the only one I have ever ridden apart from demo Sprints and Adventures at Laid Back Bikes in Edinburgh (where I bought this one). It was pretty intuitive to get used to although going round corners at high speed was a bit unnerving as I still have no idea what the limits are on a tadpole trike – I tended to err on the side of caution.

Being able to take my hands off the bars and rummage around in the sidepods whilst climbing a 15% gradient at 3 mph and not falling off was pure bliss. As was cycling over ice at a variety of speeds and not falling off – towards the end of the ride I had to descend a slope of around 5% which had a stretch of ice across the road about 100 metres long – polished treachery that would have been madness on a 2 wheeler. I tried braking and of course the bike skidded on the Kojaks, but it skidded very predictably and in a non-fussy way, and I just took it easy and was able to slide / roll down the slope without any fuss. Smaller patches I just flew over. Once my confidence was up I realised that you can pretty much go over anything and the trike just takes care of itself. So in this regard it has been a brilliant purchase, for the 2 or 3 months a year when the roads are downright dangerous (I had an ice related fall on the V20 just a couple of weeks ago), this trike takes all the stress out of riding and makes all year riding completely possible.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so relaxed on a bike. This is going to be great fun on days when I just want to take it easy and cruise.

The sidepods are also excellent – very well made. They seem to be made of tougher material than the banana bags I have, and hang right out of the wind behind the seat. They are a generous size and you could put a lot of stuff in them.

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